The Viper Tool Safety Range By Leading Edge

Viper Range

The Viper product range is an exceptionally versatile all in one tool tethering solution for the individual using their tools whilst working at height. We believe this range of products are user friendly in their ability to quickly and simply alternate the interchangeable Viper components.

The system allows the user to select the most appropriate combination of components to suit the scope of work activity, tool configuration, and personal preference to encourage safe productivity.

The tethers are designed to work with customers existing hand tools, thus preventing expensive outlay to purchase new tools. The Viper tethering products simply and cost effectively adapt your existing hand tools to be able to be used safely at height, thus ensuring you conform to legislation.


The set consists of a Viper harness / belt securing loop. This allows the lanyard system to be easily attached to the user without the need for additional connectors (ie no karabiner required). The loop can either be fitted by choking directly onto harness webbing straps, or it can be threaded directly onto a suitable belt.

The Viper elastic "bungee" lanyard gives the user greater freedom of movement, as it is made with two high-tenacity multi-braided elastic cores. The elastic cores provide greater elasticity, reduce snagging and fade issues, whilst limiting the impact forces from a dropped tool loading.

The Viper set comes complete with a single Viper bayonet tool tether as standard. The bayonet facilitates tethering around the tools' shaped or captive handle by choking or looping, providing a secure tethering method for existing standard tools, required to be taken at height.

The set is supplied with a Viper pro-wrist strap, this allows for quick tool pick up, thus is ideally suited to trades where it necessary to have the tool "at hand" for speed, or for drop clearance sensitive areas. The wrist lanyard features a unique safety release expansion joint, this prevents de-gloving in an accident whilst also improving user comfort during use.

The Viper side release buckle system used across the range has superior tensile strength, it is manufactured using Delrin 500T - a toughened Acetal. This material possesses all of the positive attributes of Acetal combined with greater resistance to dynamic impact loads.

The Viper range is dynamically rated for hand tools weighing up to 2.5kgs, manufactured with a safety factor that is over 36 times the maximum tool weight.

Electrical Conductivity and Resistivity Test*: Dry >200 Giga-ohms / Wet >10 Mega-ohms *Wiring regulations (BS7671). Live working hand tools (EN 60900).

Every component of the Viper set is certified and has a unique serial number clearly shown for traceability and recording of inspections. All items are shipped with a 'Declaration of Conformity' product certificate and 'Final Inspection' sheet. The Viper is designed, tested and manufactured in the UK by Leading Edge.

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