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Adapted Tool For Work At Height

Leading Edge are about to launch a range of specially adapted tools for working at height. We are participating with Beta Tools to adapt their tool range for working at height. The tools will have tethering points attached to allow the fitting of tool lanyards.

Special consideration has been given to the application use, environment and how the tool may be holstered. These modifications have been approved by Beta Tools and in no way comprises the integrity of the tools.

We are a Beta tools main distributor and exclusively adapt their tool for working at height. Because of the huge range of tools being tethered we are still photographing and building web pages and unfortunately this is going to take a few more weeks before we will have the web pages, shopping cart and catalogue finished.

In the meantime if you have a requirement for factory fitted (modified) tethered tools don't hesitate to call us for more information regarding you needs in this area.

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Tool Safety Roadmap

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