Triple-Lock Tool Tether


The Dyneema (Velcro) triple-lock tool tether provides a versatile 10kgs tool rated retrofit low profile tethering solution, suitable for shaped and captive tool handles, or can be used as an anchorage point suitable for retro-fitting onto hand rails etc. The Pro-Anchor (Velcro) fastening system provides maximum anchorage flexibility and directional load security. The design allows the strap to be easily repositioned, and combined with the unique unidirectional geometry provides high shear performance. The system consists of three Velcro and Dyneema straps, which overlap each other in opposing directions increasing the tensile strength of the fastening. The Pro-Anchor (Velcro) is dynamically rated to 10kgs. Dyneema is a High-Tec material benefiting from very high abrasion resistance properties, combined with low-stretch high static strength. This means the webbing profile is smaller being only 14mm reduces the space taken up on the tool handle. Especially important if the tool has a restrictive grip surface contact area, i.e. the limited space between the battery and trigger on a power drill.


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Tool Safety Roadmap