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About us

Leading Edge (a brand of Tool Safety Solutions Ltd.) is synonymous for training and safety equipment, being recognised for high quality in both activities. In-line with this ethos we are very proud of the fact our tool safety equipment is designed and manufactured at our UK production facility. Our extensive knowledge of height safety equipment and expertise in specialist safety critical manufacturing, has allowed us to develop a substantial premium range of tool safety products shown on this website and in the downloadable PDF book. Our commitment is to continually improve safety in the workplace and set new standards in product and training for all our customers. Offering great service through guidance support, technical training and quality equipment for today's
modern work place.

Product Quality

Just because they're tool systems, doesn't mean only fit for purpose. By conforming to our high standards means our products pass the same exacting quality mirrored in our height safety product lines. All Leading Edge tool products go through rigorous testing, ensuring all tool items meet our dynamic, static testing and life-cycle performance requirements. Concluding with every product subjected to structured field trials before being included into the range. If it's got Leading Edge name on it, you can relax in the knowledge it won't let you down.

Tool Design Evolution

Our 4Tools range of products have all been developed in-conjunction with high profile industry leading companies. These partnering arrangements were instrumental in providing guidance, consultation and structured trials blended with our height safety expertise, resulting in highly developed professional tool solutions. Products having been optimised to accommodate a wide range of tool configurations used across all industry sectors when working with height exposure.

New Products

The Leading Edge in-house design team is passionate about creating new tool safety products. Therefore the tools on this website and in our downloadable PDF only reflects the tool range at the point it went to print. As a company we are creating product innovations weekly. As such we would advise you to keep visiting our website to see these exciting product updates.

Bespoke Product Service

We strive to go the extra mile by providing our customers with a tailored solution. By having a very large range of tool safety products, we can offer the perfect tool configuration. Because Leading Edge are the manufacturer, if we don't have something that's compatible, we will endeavour to design and make it, providing a specific tool solution.

Price Promise

As we manufacture all our products in-house we directly control product costs, passing on the benefits of highest quality at the best price. This is achieved through production efficiency and careful component sourcing, ensuring that our prices remain low.

How can we help?

We can assist in several ways helping you discharge your legal and moral responsibilities. We can help identify suitable solutions specifically around your needs, requirements and scope of activity within you work place. Insuring you get the right package tailored to your needs. By having a very large range of tool lanyards helps us find the perfect configuration for you.

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Tool Safety Roadmap
Tool Safety Roadmap