Tool Belts Pro-Anchor (Velcro)


The Pro-Anchor (Velcro) fastening system provides maximum anchorage flexibility and directional load security.  The design allows the strap to be easily repositioned, and combined with the unique unidirectional geometry provides high shear performance.  The Pro-Anchor (Velcro) allows fitting to harness straps, tool belt, handrails or plant (Maximum 50mm diameter).  The system consists of three Velcro and webbing 50mm wide straps, which overlap each other in opposing directions increasing the tensile strength of the fastening.  The Pro-Anchor (Velcro) is structurally rated to 10kgs (dynamically test to 20kgs) rated using a 2:1 safety factor.  The wrapping style securing method will accommodate captive (pre-terminated, i.e. where you cannot slide on a loop) existing tool belt and harness straps, MEWP handrail or Scaffold tube configurations.


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Tool Safety Roadmap