Tool Belts Jumbo Anchor (Velcro)


The Velcro Jumbo Anchor has been specifically developed to offer a versatile rated anchorage solution for your tool lanyards.  The design allows fitting to your harness strap, tool belt, handrails or tubing (Maximum 50mm diameter).  The unique design features a secure double over-lock fastening system in conjunction with 50mm polyester webbing construction.  The anchor is fitted with either a single or double structurally rated anchorage “D” rings.  When fitted correctly the Velcro Jumbo Anchor provides the user with a dedicated anchorage point for tool tethering systems.  This is of benefit when working at height in mitigating the risk of entanglement or inadvertent release should a common point be used for both tools and individual fall protection systems.  



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Tool Safety Roadmap