National Grid (Spacer) Bag


Developed to carry large heavy objects whilst securely suspended at height from an access trolley platform. National Grid required an extremely strong structural bag that can cope with the harsh demands of field use. Specifically made with serious over-capacity built into the bag design, allowing prevision for usage wear and environmental weakening from and UV degradation through its life in service. The design maximises weight distribution through a dual loading system. The primary system transfers the static weight across the top of the bag via a Dyneema chain and heavy duty bar, which passed the load internally into the bag via a heavily reinforced area. The secondary system independently takes the load from webbing lift point, feeding the load forces around the outside of the bag via the webbing harness. These systems are engineered to be loaded constantly in parallel, effectively sharing the weight in tandem. However should one system become compromised the other system provides back-up security, making the configuration totally safe and massively over engineered for the bag rating.


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