Tool Bags - Nail Bag (PVC)


The Leading Edge Nail bag has been created for specialist carpenter trades.   The bag is optimised to enable continuous access to the front of the bag when intensively used for fast item pick-up.  Incorporating two large smooth front pockets, the bag is ideally configured to carrying small items like nails and screws etc.  Designed and made for working at height providing a secure tethering ‘D’ ring anchorage point, rated up to 5kgs for hammer lanyard connection.  Developed to withstand harsh work environments, the bag is manufactured from dual layers of defence grade PVC, with double sewn seams for wear and structural reinforcement.


Model Types

Loop Fastening: Slides onto standard belts up to 50mm wide.
Eyelet Fastening: Hung from belt / gear loops using a connector
Velcro Fastening: Wraps around fixing point with triple lock action
Buckle Fastening: Secures around fixing point with triple lock action

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Tool Safety Roadmap