Tool Bags - Carpenters Tool Apron (PVC)


The carpenter's tool apron has been specifically developed for those trade professionals that require &  fast and continuous frontaccess configuration to their tools.  The apron is ideally suited to trades carrying a limited tool selection that are intensively used.  The apron is modified for those working at height by having three structural "D" ring anchorage points each rated up to 5kgs, providing multiple item tethering options.  Manufactured in defence grade materials and ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency.


Model Types

Loop Fastening Slides onto standard belts up to 50mm wide  Eyelet Fastening Hung from belt/gear loops using a connector Velcro Fastening Wraps around fixing point with triple lock action Buckle Fastening Secures around fixing point with triple lock action


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Tool Safety Roadmap