Tool Bags - Barrel Bag (Mesh)


Leading Edge has developed a (Mesh) Barrel Bag designed to carry multiple tethered tools, components, portable equipment and materials.  The bag has been optimised for specialist high access technicians working suspended on static lines.  Design minimises the risk of snagging whilst keeping items safe inside the bag by use of the quick draw roll back closure system.  Attachment to the technicians harness/belt is via a selection of user defined attachment options (see below). With an overall load limit of 30kgs, it comes fitted with five individual structurally rated 5kgs anchorage points for your tool tethers.


Model Types

Loop Fastening: Slides onto standard belts up to 50mm wide.
Eyelet Fastening: Hung from belt / gear loops using a connector
Velcro Fastening: Wraps around fixing point with triple lock action
Buckle Fastening: Secures around fixing point with triple lock action

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Tool Safety Roadmap