Retractable Tool Lanyard Cobra (MKII)


The heavy-duty Cobra (MKII) has been completely re-engineered, making it totally unique and far superior as a retractable tool lanyard. The new Cobra has been exclusively developed by Leading Edge and tests now show it can handle an impact load in excess of 200kgs, which the design is required to cope with across three separate drop tests on the same reel, thus proving its operational superiority.

The Cobra is dynamically rated for hand tools weighing up to 5kgs, providing a safety Factor that is over 40 times the maximum tool weight. As it’s strength, performance and durability are critical in abrasive and intensive field applications, every component has been carefully selected to reflect this.

This highlights just some of the properties that make the Cobra (MKII) special and set it aside from all other reels in the global market today.


Cobra (MKII) design allows the reel housing to be retro-fitting onto any harness webbing straps, specialist harness belt arrangements, normal belts and holsters. Either slide the belt through the slot or simply unscrew and open the belt back slot (bridge) on the rear of the casing, and feed your belt or webbing strap through the slot, close and re-fasten. The reel uses an exclusively woven 1.9mm stainless steel wire cable that is specifically made to be extremely flexible, whilst also providing abrasion resistance properties for strength and increased longevity of operational use.

The wire used in the Cobra MKII is encapsulated in a Polyurethane (PU) coating, providing a microscopic smooth surface that enables it to surpass the required Conductivity and Resistivity testing (See dry and wet testing below). The cable is terminated with an internal wire to drum high-impact assembly (Patent pending), combined with swaged wire/swivel end termination for improved security and performance.

Cable retraction is greatly improved with a new larger more powerful specially selected Japanese stainless steel main-spring (30 times stronger than standard stainless steel) increasing life, giving a smoother operation and thus enabling it to handle larger tool loads and constant use. The new housing uses a structurally up-rated fully rubberised ABS synthetic housing, benefiting from a highly strengthened skeletal frame body and moulding supports. Resulting in a shell that’s extremely robust, and has strong impact capabilities for use in tough environments and highly repetitive operations.

Other features include all new and upgraded components: axle bearing/shaft, cable drum, exit bush, strengthening plate, securing nuts (moulded into internal housing) anodised screws and washer, rubbers, belt back slot (bridge), swivel, etc. The Cobra MKII is supplied with a 4.5mm Ø stainless steel swivelling end link which is swaged to the wire cable for superior strength. The swivel eliminates cable twist and prevents connector minor axis gate loading. The Swivel also provides maximum selection/configuration options for tool attachment via the use of a suitable connector.

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