Dropped Objects Are You Breaking The Law Without Knowing?

Are you breaking the law without knowing it?

The legal requirement in-line with localised dispensation and European Directives has been brought into effect by the introduction of The Working at Height Regulations 2005’ - specifically covered in Regulations 10 and 11 (Falling objects) which says:

Why you must take action right now

Prosecution (Corporate)
Failure to provide safe systems of work or to comply with the legislation exposes the corporate entity, individual directors and management to prosecution, either jointly or severally.

Prosecution (Individual)
If it can be proven that safe systems of work have been implemented by the “organisation / employer” and that the individual responsible for an incident had not followed the recognised practise or procedures in place then the liability for prosecution can fall to the individual concerned, their immediate supervisor and/or line management chain.

Implication (Corporate / Individual)
This neglect could result in imprisonment, and punitive damages leading to financial ruin where the legal view is that profits have been put before safety) and a Companies house ban.
People need Knowledge, Awareness, Experience, and Compliance

Don’t get left behind

We are observing a significant sea of change in management awareness throughout UK industry. A growing number of major principle construction contractors are now leading the way in making their sites strictly ‘Tethered Tools Only’ as the HSE are focusing on this area with the increase in reported accidents recently. 
This trend is also being mirrored within utility, offshore oil and gas, refinery, process and power sectors

Author: Drew Beardmore October 2011

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